The Frigate Vision is based on a product recognition solution and was developed to eliminate the requirements of barcodes, QR codes or RFID tags to identify items for order verification and compliance.

HOW Frigate Vision WORKS?

This video shows how the Frigate Vision System uses smart algorithms to visually identify multiple items simultaneously while in motion.

This system comprises four components: Electro-Optic Terminals, Learning, Recognition and Big Data.

1. Electro-optic terminals

Vision is created from the electro-optic terminals that can be easily integrated into an existing pick and pack fulfillment environment.

2. Learning

A proprietary product image learning process analysis captures and stores automatically in cloud-based big data.

3. Recognition

The product recognition process is accomplished by comparing products presented to the Electro-optic terminals Scanner.

4. Big Data

Frigate Vision can capture and store lot numbers and expiration dates during this process, in cloud-based big data.


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