Specially designed to accept bulks of sorted items / parcels this auto bagger uses our innovative self-closing sacks.

  • The system opens the sack for reception of the parcels and releases it after they are in.
  • The sack automatically closes and does no require extra man power to seal it.
  • Full and closed sack is than dropped on any conveyor on its way on the packing floor.
  • Re-opening the sack at destination is simple and requires no extra force or mechanism.
  • Cycle speed is 15 bags per minute, excluding filling time.

The patented pending design was engineered from industry-standard size parcel bags. 

The patent-pending bag design has top and bottom openings with reinforced contact points. The pelican bag rack can be customized to any quantity needed to accommodate your throughput requirements. 

The fast-loading designs take less than 10 seconds to load and under 30 seconds to refill the bag rack. Visual indicators display low bag levels and system status to minimize mistakes and production delays. Once the rack is loaded, the slider mechanism will push the bags to the filling position and engage the opening mechanism.

HOW Pelican Smartbag WORKS?

The video shows how this auto bagger uses our innovative self-closing sacks.


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